Talk to your users. Stop forms.

Talk to your users. Increase conversion.

86% SDK: in-app chatbots made easy

Turn all the forms in your native mobile application into chatbots.

No forms. Chat.

Users hate forms. Especially on a smartphone with a small screen. That is why forms conversion rates are very low (25 to 30% is a standard).

With 86% SDK, build in-app conversational interfaces lighting fast in your iOS and Android Apps. And get breakthrough conversion rates as high as 86%.

To learn more about 86% SDK, try out the demo Apps!

User onboarding. Perfected.

Onboarding users is tough in Mobile Apps. It's a great use-case where 86% SDK can excel in increasing your conversion rate.

And you can use 86% SDK for many other use-cases: payment funnels, user surveys, feature onboarding...

Easy. Yet powerful.

86% SDK comes with great features. Here are some of them:

As many languages as you need

In the 86% Editor, you define your conversation once and translate it very easily.

Be transparent with your users

You have a built-in "privacy notice" for your users (GDPR-ready!). And we don't store anything sensitive on our side.

A/B Testing
Experiment different scenarios

You can A/B test your bots at different levels. So that you can refine your bot to optimize its conversion rate.

Built-in widgets
To make your life easy

To get data, you have plenty of built-in widgets to ask names, emails, dates, tags, documents, single choice...

Scalable & reliable
Serverless architecture

86% SDK can run without internet. And if it's online, bots are updated with the latest versions available.

Measure what happens

Analytics are available in the 86% Editor to take smart decisions for your bots. Adjust your bots. Measure. Iterate.

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