Forms are 40-year old 🎂.
It's time to improve.

Replace forms with conversations.

Talk to your users. Increase conversion.

With 86%, get super efficient conversations in your apps (instead of tedious forms).

No forms. Chat.

Forms are 40-year old 🎂. It's time to improve.

Users hate forms. Especially on a smartphone with a small screen. This is why forms have super low conversion rates (25 to 30% is a standard).

With 86%, build in-app conversational interfaces lighting fast in your iOS and Android Apps. And get breakthrough conversion rates as high as 86%.

User onboarding. Perfected.

Onboarding users is tough in Mobile Apps. It's a great use-case where 86% can excel in increasing your conversion rate.

And you can use 86% for many other use-cases:

payment funnels user surveys feature onboarding


86% comes with integrated (codeless) components, to ask users any question.

And if you need more, you have many possibilities for customization (custrom controller, custom cells, theming...)

Text field

Text fields allow users to input any text information, such as their name or email. The placeholder can be customized, as well as the type of information: first name, last name, email, etc

Date picker

Date pickers allow user to input a date. It can be set to allow dates in the past, in the future, or within a specific time range.

Single selection

Typically a list of options, where the user can select only one option.

Multiple selection

A list of options, where the user can select several of them. Typically to select tags.

Boolean (Yes / No)

A question where the user can reply yes or no. The yes and no labels can be customized.

Number Picker

A question where the user can enter a number, using a picker. Typically to ask for a distance or a duration.

Photo or image

A question where the user can reply taking a picture using the camera. Typically to ask for a profile picture.

Easy. Yet powerful.

86% comes with great features. Here are some of them:

As many languages as you need

In the 86% Editor, you define your conversation once and translate it very easily.

Be transparent with your users

You have a built-in "privacy notice" for your users (GDPR-ready!). And we don't store anything sensitive on our side.

A/B Testing
Experiment different scenarios

You can A/B test your bots at different levels. So that you can refine your bot to optimize its conversion rate.

Built-in widgets
To make your development faster

To get data, you have plenty of built-in widgets to ask names, emails, dates, tags, documents, single choice...

Scalable & reliable
Serverless architecture

86% can run without internet. And if it's online, bots are updated with the latest versions available.

Analytics & AI
Measure what happens

Analytics (and soon AI!) are available in the 86% Editor to take smart decisions for your bots. Adjust your bots. Measure. Iterate.

Stay tuned!

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